The “Tarentelle” reviewed in “Guitare Classique” magazine No. 77


Tarentelle - Guitare Classique
Tarentelle – Guitare Classique

“A wild and enthusiastic Tarentelle proposed by Nicolas Guay which will require a tremendous patience and hard work before this final result. As an indicator, the mentioned level ( high level)  warns us moreover and the difficulty is confirmed by the staff. Therefore there is no need for being discouraged along the thirteen pages of the partition.

Its layout is clear and very much readable with the presence of fingering, in order to allow a comfortable sight reading and an efficient work in particular concerning indications for the brushed strings and other rasgueados.

Despite its difficulty, this piece is worth hanging on to for beyond its technical prerequisites; its vivacity and its energy are a musical delight.

A successful partition on which Nicolas Guay invites us into  challenge and shows the dimension of his « savoir faire » as a guitarist and composer.”


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