Sonata Campanas de la Esperanza reviewed in Guitare Classique Magazine N°80

The french guitarist and composer Nicolas Guay proposes us a sonata in three movements(Thema, Plainte et Final) of a great musical richness, and not only from a guitaristic point of view.
The level advanced is required because in addition to its level technique, Campanas de la Esperanza will ask you maturity to understand and perform it.Once past the work for reading,we can appreciate all the depth of the piece, « haute en couleurs »,at the same time contemplative (with the magnificent second movement all in tremolo playing) and marked by flamenco touches but without exaggeration ; capo at the third fret is required, with the sheet music with the real notes and not transposed. The detailled fingering guides us in complete security.Although far from being accessible, Campanas dela Esperanza is really a great piece for the guitar repertory- a must-play !

Pascal Proust

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