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Paradise Borders (March 16th 2018)




Paradise Borders - Nicolas Guay
Paradise Borders


Nicolas Guay (Guitar / Compositions)

Length : 62’25

Label : Contrastes Records Distributor : Universal Music Spain

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  1. Pop Fantasy (Dedicated To Steve Lukather) – 05’30
  2. Prélude en fa dièse mineur – 03’22
  3. Prélude en sol mineur (Hommage à Roland Dyens) – 03’56
  4. Sonata Campanas De La Esperanza: Thema – 05’18
  5. Sonata Campanas De La Esperanza: Plainte – 03’44
  6. Sonata Campanas De La Esperanza: Final – 04’31
  7. Prélude en sol dièse mineur – 02’51
  8. Prélude en la mineur – 04’26
  9. Tarentelle – 05’28
  10. Prélude en mi mineur – 03’46
  11. Prélude en ré mineur – 03’28
  12. Sonata N° 2: Hommage à Paco De Lucia/Allegro – 06’00
  13. Sonata N° 2: Hommage à Paco De Lucia/Choral – 04’51
  14. Sonata N° 2: Hommage à Paco De Lucia/Danza – 05’44

“In this album,Nicolas Guay performs not less than ten pieces of his own compositions. Beside his guitarist’s undeniable qualities, Nicolas Guay show us with this recording the full range of the ecclectism of his musical universe, of his career as a musician and of his influences, with in particulary songs composed in Roland Dyens’s memory (prelude in G minor), Paco de Lucia (sonata 2) or again Steve Lukather, legendary guitarist from Toto(Pop Fantasy which begins the album). A whole universe in which we find great pleasure to listen to, even if you are not a guitarist, and whose originality and richness are remarkable. Notice that we can listen to this CD as a soundtrack of a movie as the booklet contains a part of a scenario and a storyboard, proposing a different way of listenning. “

Pascal Proust – Guitare Classique Magazine

Campanas de la Esperanza



Guitar, compositions : Nicolas Guay

Percussions : Ismaïl Mesbahi

Length : 43’54”

Label :Adélie prod

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  1. La Cancion de Lausanne – 4’55
  2. Océanic visions – 10’30
  3. Homenaje a Manuel de Falla – 6’11
  4. Prologue et Toccata – 8’52
  5. Camapanas de la Esperanza
    • Thema – 4’47
    • Plainte – 3’36
    • Final – 5’03

NEMA – Heaven Way



Photo de l'album Nema
Guitar, compositions : Nicolas Guay

Piano : Joël Clement

Double bass, artistic direction : Franck Girard

Drums : Philippe Bostvironnois

Length : 56’06

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  1. Gibraltar (Tribute to Vicente Asencio) (Nicolas Guay) – 8’58
  2. Funky trip (Nicolas Guay) – 4’55
  3. Quartal (Nicolas Guay) – 8’45
  4. Obsession (Nicolas Guay) – 6’42
  5. Flamencotille (Nicolas Guay) – 11’37
  6. Heaven way (Tribute to Led Zeppelin) (Nicolas Guay) – 16’39

“Nema: amen spelt backwards. By chance or by design that the name of this group evokes   liturgical vocabulary. Four musicians – guitar, piano, double bass and drums- hardened although unknown to the public, coming from different musical chapels – jazz, traditional, contemporary – decide one day to meet… What comes from it? A crossbreeding, perhaps several, which you won’t risk arranging in a precise category.

The album begins and concludes with tributes, the first to the pianist and Spanish professor of composition Vicente Asencio, the second to the rock of Led Zeppelin! Besides, the fans of the group to the airship will have fun finding the composers who inspired this last title “Heaven Way”. Elsewhere, some will evoke the influences of the Cuban Ruben Gonzalez (“Flamencotille”) or of the French Erik Satie (“Obsession”). “Funky Trip” finally reminds us that funk is a mixture of rock’n’roll and very rhythmic jazz.

Nema travels not only from one culture to another but also between contrasted ambiences: from serenity to concern, joke to anger and meditation to frenzy. The instruments do not only produce melodies, but also express their moods with a pretty sturdy character.

Would this be paradise for all or a creation reserved for an elite music lover?  Communion with such a UFO is not obvious. A jazz feeling seems necessary, while a taste for progressive rock’n’roll will help to appreciate certain lengths rather than to undergo them. You cumulate both? You will receive Heaven Way as blessed bread. You have neither one, nor the other, but a thirst for discovery without blinkers? Convert! The mass is said, amen.

Julien Weyer – Critiques ordinaires

The Nema array is a superb creation, with compositions by Nicolas Guay being piercingly efficient. The direction of each individual piece is skillfully led toward conclusive progression, as successive solo interpretations from the four musicians, are intelligently related, and musically weld-on together.
Virtuosity is not the only ingredient, as poetry and finesse are equally shown. From Gibraltar, with echoes of d’Aranjuez, to the homage of Led Zep… not forgetting the explosive Funky Trip, or the terrific Quartal or further still, the haunting Obsession; and how about Heaven Way. To be consumed without moderation!

Guitare Classique Magazine

The compositions

With NEMA (Guitar – Drums – Piano – Double bass)

  • Gibraltar (tribute to Vicente Asencio)
  • Funky trip
  • Flamencotille
  • Obsession
  • Quartal
  • Heaven way (tribute to Led Zeppelin)


  • Prologue et toccata
  • Oceanic visions (bande électro + percus)
  • Cancion de Lausanne / Cadenza y Canciòn (published at Soldano Editions)
  • Sonata : Campanas de la Esperanza published at Soldano Editions)
    • Thema
    • Plainte
    • Final
  • Sonate n° 2 : Tribute to Paco De Lucia
  • 6 preludes
    • prelude in A minor, prelude in G# minor, prelude F# minor (published at Sempre Più Editions)
    • prelude in G m (Tribute to Roland Dyens), prelude in E minor and prelude D minor.
  • Pop Fantasy (dedicated to Steve Lukather)
  • Tarentelle (published at Soldano Editions)

Guitar and Orchestra / Guitar with chamber music